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Teeth Extraction In Shreveport

When that problem tooth just has to go.

Teeth Extraction

At Dr. Chris A Mott’s dental practice, the team is committed to ensuring you maintain your bright and healthy smile. We are also proud to provide you with the latest dental technology to ensure you acquire the long-lasting results you deserve. If you are curious to learn more about the quality dental services we offer at our dental office in Shreveport. If you have any queries about whether or not a tooth extraction is suitable for you, contact us today. We are determined to help you gain and maintain that bright, healthy smile you wanted for a long time!

What Kind Of Common Extractions Do We Do?

  • Simple extractions, 
  • Surgical extractions, and 
  • Wisdom tooth extractions

Gum disease can loosen or severely damage a tooth. A tooth that is severely damaged may need to be extracted. Our dentist specializes in oral surgeries (oral and maxillofacial surgeons) & can perform a tooth extraction for their patients in Shreveport. Before removing your tooth, our dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area from where the tooth needs to be pulled. A more potent, general anesthetic may be used, especially if several or all of your teeth need to be removed. A general anesthetic prevents pain in the whole body and will make you sleep through the procedure.

After the tooth extraction at our dental office in Shreveport, you may need stitches. You can bite down on a cotton gauze put over the wound to help stop the bleeding. The extracted tooth can be easily replaced with an implant, a denture, or a bridge. A bridge is a replacement for one or more but not all the teeth and may be permanent or removable.

Why Is It Done?

Removing a tooth is necessary when decay or an abscessed tooth is so severe that no other oral treatment will cure the infection.

How Well It Works?

Extracting the tooth can help keep the infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth.

What To Expect After Surgery?

In most cases, the recovery period lasts only a few days. The following will help speed recovery:

  • Take painkillers as prescribed by our Shreveport dentist. Apply an ice or cold pack over your mouth to help reduce pain and swelling.
  • After 24 hours, rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water several times daily to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Make your salt water by mixing 1 tsp (5 g) of salt in a medium-sized glass [8 fl oz (240 mL)] of warm water.
  • Change gauze pads before they become drowned with blood.
  • Relax after tooth extraction surgery. Physical activity may increase bleeding.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Eat soft foods like gelatin, pudding, or a thin soup. Slowly add solid foods to your diet.
  • Do not lie flat. It may prolong bleeding. Prop up your head with pillows.
  • Avoid rubbing the area with your tongue.
  • Do not use sucking motions, such as when using a straw for drinking.
  • Continue brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue.

After the tooth extraction, you may need stitches. Some stitches dissolve over time and must be removed after a few days. Shreveport dentist will tell you whether your stitches need to be removed or not.

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