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Occlusal & Sports Mouth Gaurds

The purpose of an occlusal guard, commonly known as a night guard, is to prevent the teeth from clenching and grinding while sleeping. It is worn every night or whenever the individual sleeps. Thus it is made of a material that is not as thick but sturdy enough to fulfill its purpose. A sports mouthguard is a device that an athlete wears to prevent his or her teeth from being injured by a physical blow to the face or an accident. The sports mouthguard is usually composed of a thicker material, and because of its purpose, it is designed to cover the entire jaw, including the gum tissue, in order to protect the entire mouth.

Sports guards and occlusal guards are both designed to protect your teeth, but they do it in different ways. The purpose of an occlusal guard is to protect the teeth surfaces from wear and tear caused by grinding and clenching. In the event of a quick, harsh hit, a sports mouthguard is worn to protect the teeth and mouth. As a result, although an occlusal guard may be composed of tough acrylic plastic to endure grinding over time, a sports mouthguard is typically made of a softer material that can absorb the force of a quick hit. While an occlusal guard should only cover the occlusal surface of your teeth, a sports mouthguard should cover your entire mouth, including your gums.

The sports mouthguards that are commercially available and sold at sports stores are not the same as custom-made appliances provided by your dentist. They’re not only inconvenient to wear, but they’re also ineffective. Rather than going for a sports guard, the ideal alternative for an occlusal guard is to have a custom-fit guard that will successfully prevent your teeth from grinding throughout the night.

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Know The Benefits Of Occlusal & Sports Mouth Guards

  • Helps To Guard Teeth Against Damage – Teeth grinding at night can lead to serious dental problems. Teeth begin to deteriorate as well. The risk of tooth decay grows when the enamel wears away. Cavities, toothaches, and sensitive teeth are also the result of such a problem. By reducing clenching during sleeping, a sports guard prevents teeth from getting damaged. It quickly restores worn-down and chipped teeth.
  • Helps To Prevent Pain In The Jaw – Bruxism can cause a variety of issues, including jaw pain, migraines, tooth pain, and tooth wear and tear. Mouth guards are designed to be worn when sleeping in order to assist prevent pain.
  • The Guards Can Be Customized – The dentist allows you to bite down on clay to create a facsimile of your teeth for personalized guards. After that, he or she sends the mold to a laboratory.

The dentist can alter the thickness of the guard based on the severity of the bruxism. Our dentist also ensures that it is as comfortable as possible.

  • Helps To Get Rid Of Headaches – The jaw is put under a lot of strain when you clench your teeth. Jaw discomfort affects users in varying degrees. This causes migraines and headaches, making it difficult for users to go about their daily lives. The use of night guards, on the other hand, can be effective in avoiding it.
  • Helps To Sleep Properly – Wearing a guard allows you to sleep soundly at night. It keeps you from clenching your teeth at night. While sleeping, this relaxes the muscles.

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